without the aches and pains from aggressive programs


     I help people enjoy training again without the aches and pains from aggressive programs even if everything else has left you feeling beat down.

     I'm here to coach you to move better, get stronger, live healthier, and learn to enjoy all the steps in between. 


Get back to training the way you love

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     I know it can be challenging to navigate your way through the gym, when constant aches and pains put a damper on your progress. It can seem there is no light at the end of the tunnel. 


     Here, through assessment, communication, and thoughtfully designed programs I help people resolve their aches and pains, get back to training the way they love, and achieve their fitness goals.

     If you are ready for real, sustainable success in the gym without feeling beat up and burnt out, you are in the right place.


Committed To Your Success

You will be heard and understood

You will be provided what is most essential for your success

Your program is made for YOU

Your goals, your needs, and your progress will be given the attention it deserves.

You wont be left in the dark. 

Your time is valuable.

Everything you do has a purpose. your workouts will be efficient and effective.

Your program is based entirely around you. Your progress and goals are the center point of your program.


How Can I Help You?

Online One-On-One Coaching

  • Initial assessment to determine programming needs 

  • Fully individualized programming or template options specific to your goals

  • Workout delivery through TrueCoach

  • Communication through TrueCoach & text messaging from 9am-5pm PST

  • Video analysis and feedback

  • Ability to add weekly or monthly phone, Skype or FaceTime calls

Onsite Personal Training

Local to the Fresno/Clovis area?

Personal training is a great option for more hands-on coaching.

  • Initial assessment to determine needs

  • Individualized workouts specific to your goals

Hybrid Onsite Personal Training + Programming

If you are local to the Central Valley area the Hybrid Onsite/Online option allows for in-person coaching alongside a full program you perform at your convenience. 

  • Initial assessment to determine needs

  • Individualized program specific to your goals

  • Workout delivery through TrueCoach

  • Frequent communication and feedback

  • Option to meet: weekly/biweekly/monthly


Purposeful Programs

Everything in your program has a purpose. You wont waste your time with exercises or workouts that wont directly help you progress towards your goals.

Your unique plan is constructed through clear communication of your goals, and an initial assessment to help determine your programs needs so we can launch you on the path towards long term sustainable success.


Revive Your Goals

I want to help you enjoy training again without the aches and pains you have experienced from aggressive programs.

You don't have to feel beat down for training to be effective.

Through appropriate exercise selection, and program progression I can help you resolve your aches and pains, and revive your fitness aspirations.


Freedom in Fitness

Your individualized program takes into consideration the ever changing phases of life, your goals, and needs to create a comprehensive fitness program to keep you at your best in and out of the gym.

Your program is delivered directly to you through TrueCoach where I monitor perfromance and supply feedback. Keeping you in the loop with your program and on track for success.

Receive high quality training programs and professional coaching from anywhere in the world

Get Started

Step 1


I want to help guide you to long term success in the gym. I want to make sure that we are a good fit to work together and ensure I can provide you exctly what you need. If you feel you would be a great fit, APPLY!

Step 2


Whether working to resolve injury or not, assessment allows me to understand more about your movement, strengths and weaknesses to design the BEST program for you.

Step 3


Get busy training!

Start on your path to long term sustainable success. Resolve your aches and pains and make progress towards your fitness goals.


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