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Lessons From the #weeklyweightliftingwarmup

I wanted to share a few things I learned after posting a weightlifting warm up to instagram every week for a full year. Yesterday was the first day in a year I did not post a warm up. You might be thinking big deal, you didn't make an instagram post…

In its most simple form yes it’s just an instagram post.

However, the act of creating a warm up and sharing with you all every week for the last year led to some great insights for myself that I believe can be beneficial to share with you!

I started the Weekly Weightlifting Warmup as a way to post more consistently to instagram and to provide what I felt would be valuable content. I hope you found value and were able to incorporate some of the warm ups, drills, and concepts! If you are new here and never had a chance to catch one check the hashtag #weeklyweightliftingwarmup on Instagram.

Here are a few things I learned along the way.

Proactive Planning

A week comes and goes real quick. Committing to a weekly post meant I needed to be on top of things. Preplanning the warm ups weeks ahead of time and recording video demos in advanced helped keep me on task and better prepared.

There is Always Something to Work On

I only covered 3 movements in these warm ups. Rarely was I at a loss for what to do. There were definitely some repeat movements, but depending on what and how you are using certain exercises, the benefits and purposes can vary.

My Technique Improved

Turns out, if you consistently do something for a full year, you get better at it. I had no intentions to make technique changes myself when I began this, however filming these exercises and intentionally working to make them as technically sound as possible helped improve my own awareness and proficiency in the movements.

Find What Works and Stick With It

I tend to use the same warm up for nearly every session. It’s what works for me and helps me feel good and prepared for the session ahead. It doesn't mean that the way I warm up and the technique drills I use are right for everybody. That’s why I wanted to provide such a wide variety of purposeful warm up ideas. Your issues differ from your friends and you might find extreme value in something that offers little benefit to your buddy. That being said, if you have a drill, a way to get you moving, a warm up that sets you up for a successful training session, stick with it!

My Coaching Improved

The olympic lifts are very complex. I didn't want to simply write down each warm up and say here you go this should do the trick to fix your broken lifts, have fun. I wanted to actually explain the purpose, and explain the how behind the selected movements and warm ups themselves. To be able to do so I needed to be able to articulate my intentions with each post, and try to briefly yet thoroughly describe what to do, and why. I believe this challenged my ability to communicate through text and helped me improve the skill.

So what can you take away from this?

You need to go all in.

Whatever it may be. Jump in at 100%. You learn and you improve best by doing. So whatever it is you have been thinking about doing that seems insurmountable. Jump in and just start.

You will learn from your mistakes

You will gain new and improved knowledge and skills

You will make progress, even in areas you were not focussed on

Do rather than wish. Just start.

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