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Welcome! Here's What's Going Down


As you have most likely figured out, my name is Garrett Johnson. I want to give you a quick inside scoop as to whats happening around here and how I can help you finally enjoy training again.

This blog will cover everything from training and recovery tips, programs, and training concepts, to mindset, coaching tools, and tips to help you chase down those goals whether in or out of the gym. Most of all I hope to share actionable content that you can apply to your training and life.

Here, I help people resolve their aches and pains and get back to training the way they love. Repairing your relationship with exercise and rebuilding your confidence in the gym. Nobody wants to workout with the fear of pain that may come as a consequence.

Its a good thing it doesn't have to be that way.

Not injured? Good.

Want to make sustainable progress in the gym and keep those aches and pains away?

You're still in the right place.

Stick around to learn more.

I'll continue to cover various topics in regards to training and resolving your aches and pains to help keep you progressing towards your goals in gym.

Need more now? Reach out, let's talk.

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