• Garrett Johnson

You Don't Need To Snatch To Be Fit

You don’t need to snatch to be fit. Really you could substitute the snatch for just about any exercise.

Think about it.

And remember this is coming from a guy that trains Olympic Weightlifting regularly, one of my favorite movements is the Snatch. But is it really necessary for YOU? Chances are if you're not participating in a sport that requires the movements the answer is no. The population that NEEDS to snatch is very low and mainly consists of people that compete in Weightlifting or competitive fitness. You could argue that athletes of other sports could benefit from snatching as well, but it’s primarily made up from the previously mentioned population.

Now hold up before you get upset… I’m not telling you to stop snatching or to stop weightlifting. I just want you to consider what you are working to accomplish in the gym. Is training the snatch necessary for those goals? If you answered yes, go ahead train on! If you answered no… Again I’m not telling you to stop, but you now have something to consider. Do you continue to spend time in the gym working on an exercise that is not contributing much towards your fitness goals, or do you redirect your efforts?

Now here’s the kicker. I’m all about the enjoyment of your time in the gym. So if practicing Olympic lifts brings you joy, DO IT. Don’t take something away from your program if it’s something you truly love, something that you look forward too, something that makes you happy. Training is a balancing act. If you get excited about training a certain movement one day even if it contributes little to your actual goals, is it worth taking it away all together?

So consider your goals, and consider where your time in the gym is spent.

I don’t want you to cut out the things you love in the gym, but be aware of where your energy is placed. Chances are there is a way to balance your training in a way to support your goals while allowing you to still do movements in the gym that you enjoy. And if you have never liked the snatch here is your permission to ditch it and move on to an exercise that will be more beneficial to your training.

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